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Private liability insurance is a must for everyone!

It protects you against claims done to third parties for up to 60 million euros. You are legally liable for any damage you can be held responsible for.

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Cover your loved ones with a family tariff

Good insurance cover doesn’t have to be expensive.

You can insure yourself, your partner and your children very well against property damage, personal injury and financial loss to third parties for as little as 60 euros a year.

Private liability insurance fends off unjustified claims. Justified damage will get paid from the insurance company, if damage isn’t caused willfully.

What’s covered with Private Liability Insurance?

Property damage

If you destroy or otherwise damage things that are not your property, this will be covered by private liability insurance.

Personal Injury

If you cause physical harm to another person, this will also be covered by private liability insurance.

Financial loss

If someone else suffers financial damage due to an accident, that you caused, this is covered by private liability insurance.

Extras, that are included in a good private liability insurance

In addition to the standard services, the following things are also covered by good insurance:

  • Loss of privately owned keys
  • Loss of job-related keys
  • Part-time work-related activities
  • Children under 7 years old (not normally covered by law)
  • Construction work
  • Best performance guarantee possible
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Don't worry about third party claims for damages

Four examples of damages

In order to give you an idea of what private liability insurance actually covers, here are a few examples:

Soiled carpet

You are visiting a friend and accidentally pour red wine over their expensive carpet. If cleaning is possible, the insurance will pay for the cleaning. If not, the insurance pays the current value of the carpet.

Broken window

A family member is playing football outside and accidentally breaks the neighbour’s window. The window needs to be replaced. The insurance pays for this.

Loss of keys

Your boss trusts you with the office keys and you accidentally lose them. This results in all locks having to be replaced. The insurance covers the cost of the new locks, keys and work costs.

Unjustified claims

Someone is accusing you of damaging their property. You disagree and report this to your private liability insurance. The insurance takes care of it and fends off the unjustified claim.

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Frequently asked Questions

Here are a few answers:

How to get a quote?

Best would be to please fill out our online quotation form here. Then we will have all the required information to send you an email with our best offers.

Can I get a free consultation?

After you have filled out our quote form, your personal point of contact will get in touch with you. You are then welcome to discuss everything else with them.

What damages would be covered in my rented appartment?

Basically any part of the building structure like floor, walls, ceiling and doors. If your washing machine leaked into the flat below for example, then all the damage done would be covered.

Is my dog covered in my Private Liability insurance?

Small tame pets like cats, hamsters and birds for example are already included in your Private Liability Insurnace. However dogs and horses need their own liability insurance. You can find more information here.

Will I be covered outside of Germany?

Yes, private liability insurance is also valid when traveling around the world.

What value do the insurance companies have to pay?

Unlike household claims, that tend to be the new value, third party liability claims are always the time value.

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